Officina Bonacina manufactures hammer head and eye bolts for civil and industrial works, for building and carpentry, which can be made in all types of construction steel, tempered and stainless steel.

We supply hammer head tie rods and eyebolts hot forged or machined from solid by chip removal, based on the quantity required. Furthermore, they are available in resistance classes 5.6, 8.8, 10.9 or in stainless steel A2, A4, duplex and super duplex.

In addition to this type of high quality tie rods, we offer complete supplies of nuts and washers.

Hammer head and eye bolts

Officina Bonacina is at your complete disposal to create, both in the standard version and on specific needs expressed on drawings, hammer head tie rods and eye tie rods for particular industrial and carpentry applications.

Hammer head tie rods and eye tie rods are, in fact, the fastening tool between a structure or machinery and the underlying ground and are therefore to be considered a fundamental component for numerous plants and production lines where their use is required.

More specifically, hammer head tie rods and eye tie rods are simple tensile structural elements.

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Surface treatments and refurbishment of tie rods

In addition, reclamation or refurbishment treatments are carried out on request based on customer needs.

The products are made using only materials of European production and provided with 3.1 certificate (according to EN 10204:2005) and CE marking (according to EN 1090).

We can ship lots of any volume throughout Italy and abroad.

Flexibility and speed are our main strengths, for an offer of tie rods in the province of Lecco and in the neighbouring ones, such as Como, Bergamo and Monza e Brianza.

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