Production of CE marked tyloops and anchor screws

Officina Bonacina manufactures tyloops and anchoring screws to customer specifications, manufactured with various configurations of dimensions and materials depending on the method of use. Suitable for anchoring prefabricated concrete structures. They are designed to guarantee a safe, accurate and economical anchoring system. Installed during the casting forming phase, they find application in the civil and industrial fields, generally in the construction or maintenance of road walls and tunnels.

The tyloops made by Officina Bonacina are generally composed of two round curved rings and welded to a “spring”, used as a threaded bush, which acts as a mechanical joint between the tyloop and the anchoring screw. The anchor screws are made from laminated rod machined by removal on numerically controlled lathes, the threads of each screw are calibrated on the spring with which they will then be assembled during installation.

Our CE marked tyloops and anchor screws are made using exclusively materials of European production and therefore also provided with 3.1 certificate (according to the EN 10204:2005 standard).

We can ship lots of any volume throughout Italy and abroad.

Flexibility and speed are our main strengths.

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