Officina Bonacina: production of anchor bolts, tie rods and U-bolts for over half a century

Officina Bonacina is specialized in the production of anchor bolts, tie rods and U-bolts, on customer design for specific applications in the civil and industrial fields.

Our production focuses on tie rods, anchor bolts and U-bolts, made of structural steel, tempered steel and stainless steel, always and in any case using material from European steel mills.

The mechanical fasteners are provided with 3.1 material certificates and CE marked.

Officina Bonacina offers its products equipped with pre-assembled accessory bolts such as nuts, washers and pipes or carpentry elements such as pipes, plates and templates for installation.

The company is able to manage the customer’s order independently in every single phase: transport, heat or surface treatment, packaging and shipment of products complete with all ancillary supplies. Our comprehensive approach allows us to resolve any detail before it may become a problem for the customer.

We supply our production of anchor bolts, U-bolts and tie rods in Lecco, in the neighbouring provinces, but also throughout Italy, as well as our bolting, carpentry and mechanical machining services.

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