Production of tie rods for civil and industrial works

Officina Bonacina manufactures tie rods for civil and industrial works, for building and carpentry, partially or fully threaded bars, right and left threads; feasible in all types of construction steel, tempered and stainless steel; minimum ø 6 maximum ø 100 with length up to 6mt.

In addition to high quality iron tie rods and bolts, we also offer complete supplies of pipes, sleeves, nuts and washers. Plates and accessory bolts are assembled or welded in the company, according to customer specifications, for immediate installation.

Tie rods and hook bolts

Officina Bonacina is at your complete disposal to create tie rods and hook bolts for particular industrial, civil, building and carpentry applications, both in the standard version and upon specific needs expressed on the designs.

Hook bolts are, in fact, the fastening tool between a structure and the underlying ground and they are therefore to be considered a fundamental component for the construction of any building product. More specifically, we can speak of hook bolts as simple tensile structural elements that are folded at one end, which will form the foundation, i.e. it will be immersed in the concrete during the casting phase. The particular shape of the hook bolts allows a significant improvement in adherence, which can be further increased by the presence of suitable welded bars.

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Tie rods and anchor bolts for foundations

Officina Bonacina proposes itself as a partner for specialists in both civil and industrial building works and for carpentry works, designing and building anchor bolts for foundations. This particular type of tie rods consists of steel plates with threaded bars and is used as a positioning template during the construction of columns, pillars and vertical structural anchoring systems.

The bolts for foundations made by Officina Bonacina comply with all the required regulatory standards and are produced with high quality materials, so as to guarantee the best application performance during use, maximum reliability and absolute resistance to stress.

Thanks to the precision of our operating protocol, the tie rods and anchor bolts for foundations can be positioned easily and fixed in the appropriate locations.

You can get in touch with the Officina Bonacina technicians to receive support and advice on the best tie rods and anchor bolts in iron or steel for the most diverse applications.

Surface treatments and refurbishment of tie rods

In addition, reclamation or refurbishment treatments are carried out on request based on customer needs.

The products are made using only materials of European production and provided with 3.1 certificate (according to EN 10204:2005) and CE marking (according to EN 1090).

We can ship lots of any volume throughout Italy and abroad.

Flexibility and speed are our main strengths, for an offer of tie rods in the province of Lecco and in the neighbouring ones, such as Como, Bergamo and Monza e Brianza.

Definition and advantages of tie rods

In architecture, the term tie rod identifies a structural element, generally made of metal, designed to counteract the lateral thrust forces due, for example, to the weight of a roof. Tie rods are commonly used for structural consolidation building activities or for various carpentry operations, such as the construction of steel elements, tensile structures or canopies.

The tie rod has the function of connecting and retaining structural elements when isolated, while when it is integrated into composite structures (such as, for example, reticular structures) which by their nature are subjected to tensile or compressive stresses, it acts as a tension element in opposition to compressed elements called struts, absorbing the thrusts at the base..

The advantages of tie rods are numerous: not only do they have minimal dimensions and therefore do not determine the presence of obstacles, but they do not even increase the mass of the product or interact negatively with the structure, not even in cases of oscillation. Durable and resistant, the tie rods significantly improve the stability and overall behaviour of the structure, even in problematic situations such as seismic ones.

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